OSMIN (Former Group)

Times are a’changing – our new website

After more than 45 years of research and teaching at Erlangen, and long time after my „official“ retirement, my last students found their place in industry or as professors. My research group has shut the lights down, but so many years of hard work of so many people left traces: some 300 master and PhD theses, more than 300 papers and patents, a spin-off company, lecture notes, reflections about „how to research“… Many documents can be found via Google, but there are papers and other documents that are not yet publicly available. I will organize these documents here, step by step: In the near future you will find our publication list (up today from 2021-2015, more will follow), as far as possible with links to pdfs, a list of selected papers and patents, lecture manuscripts, a few essays, … In the meantime you may send me an email with paper requests.
Eventually, I want to thank my teacher Adolf Lohmann for teaching me how to research and how to give a talk, and I say thank you to my former students for all the passionate discussions and close relations which made research so much fun (many of them told me, it was fun for them too). They kept me young. 


The acronym OSMIN was our program:
Optical Sensing, Metrology and INspection“

„Our aim is to understand the physical and information theoretical limits of optics and optical 3D sensors. We apply this knowledge to investigate and build new sensors that work at those limits. Most of the projects are in cooperation with partners from industry, medicine or art conservation. Our sensors are commercialized by „3D-Shape GmbH“, Erlangen, a 2002 spin-off from our group.